University of Edinburgh (UEDIN)

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh (UEDIN) has, since its founding been one of the largest and most successful universities in the UK and hosts one of the foremost medical institutions in the world. In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) UEDIN ranked fourth in the UK for research power, is the strongest research centre in the UK for human/animal medicine for research power and third in the UK for Neuroscience. Overall, 84% of the College of Medicine’s research is rated ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’. Additionally, the Neuroscience submission received a 100% score for the quality of its research environment.


A major component of Edinburgh Neuroscience and College of Medicine is the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, with 57 Principal Investigators, including 19 Chairs, of whom more than 70% are clinicians. SVDs are major research targets of the Centre whose academic focus is the causes, consequences and treatment of major brain disorders, undertaking interdisciplinary but integrated translational research that benefits from its location in Edinburgh BioQuarter.


Also at BioQuarter is Sunergos Innovations, the University’s commercialisation arm. Sunergos Innovations is a UK leader in the successful commercialisation of the intellectual property generated from UEDIN’s world-class research, through licensing technologies to existing companies and new University spin-outs. It has established 2,487 industrial collaborations in the past five years, and has an enviable track record of successful commercialisation, including the creation of over 300 new companies; with 81% still trading.


Roles and tasks of UEDIN in SVDs@target

UEDIN will lead the human studies in WP2 (Blood brain barrier integrity & perivascular flow in SVDs) and contributes to WP7 (Dissemination and intellectual property), through Edinburgh Research and Innovation Ltd, WP3 (Microvascular matrisome), WP4 (Immune cell binding and transmigration), and substantially to WP5 (Interventions).



Key staff

Prof. Joanna Wardlaw

Professor of Applied Neuroimaging and Honorary Consultant Neuroradiologist;

    • Director Brain Research Imaging Centre and of Edinburgh Imaging;
    • Founding Director of the Scottish Imaging Network, A Platform for Scientific Excellence (SINAPSE) Collaboration;
    • Advisor to the Scottish Government on Stroke;
    • Chair, European Stroke Organisation International Liaison Committee;
    • Member, Royal College of Radiologists Research Committee and Grants Advisory Board of the Alzheimer’s Society UK;
    • Former European Editor of Stroke (2005-2013);
    • Former member of Scottish Intercollegiate, UK and European Guideline Committees;
    • Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences (recently stepped down from the Council) and Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

    Major field of research: SVDs, stroke treatment and prevention; randomised clinical trials; imaging in stroke diagnosis and to study pathogenesis and cost-effectiveness analyses.

    Prof. Wardlaw is a work package leader (WP2) in SVDs@target.

    SVD@target team at UEDIN

    Dr Gordon Blair
    Clinical Research Fellow

    Dr Fergus Doubal
    Researcher/Stroke physician

    Stroke Association and Garfield Weston Foundation Senior Clinical Lecturer in stroke and SVDs;
    NHS Research Scotland Fellow and Honorary Consultant Stroke Physician;
    Wellcome Trust and EPSRC-funded research on retinal findings in lacunar stroke, collaborator with Benavente, SPS3 trial.


    Expertise in clinical assessment, cognition, brain imaging (CVR, CSF pulsatility, BBB permeability).


    Dr Michael Thrippleton
    Medical Physicist

    Brain Research Imaging Centre; expert in acquisition and analysis of cerebrovascular activity and BBB imaging.


    Ms Iona Hamilton

    Ms Elaine Sandeman

    Ms Charlotte Sutherland

    Mr Stewart Wiseman

    Ms Gayle Barclay



    Tweets by SVDS@target

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