University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is one of the largest institutions of research and education in the Nordic countries. Ranked as the best university in the Nordic region, the university also ranks highly outside Scandinavia and was ranked 8th in Europe and 39th in the world by the 2014 Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities.


UCHP participates actively in European funding programmes and to date participates in more than 100 Horizon2020 projects either underway or in negotiation, including 13 ERC grants. In FP7, the university participated in 400 projects, including 37 ERC grants and 46 projects within the FP7 Health challenge.


Roles and tasks of UCPH in SVDs@target

UCPH will contribute to WP2 (Blood brain barrier integrity and perivascular flow) and WP4 (Inflammatory mechanisms: immune cell binding and transmigration in SVDs).


Key staff

Prof. Maiken Nedergaard


MD, 1984, PhD, 1988 both at the University of Copenhagen; Assistant and Associate Professor, 1988-1994, both at Cornell Medical Center; Professor, 1995-2003, at New York Medical College; Professor, 2003-present at Univ. of Rochester Medical School and Co-Director of Center for Translational Neuromedicine since 2007; Professor and Co-Director, 2014-present at Center for Basic and Translational Neuroscience at Univ. of Copenhagen.


Prof. Nedergaard has extensive experience in NIH, Department of Defense, and private foundation funding in USA as well as in international collaborative projects.


SVD@target team at UCPH

Dr. Iben Lundgard

Assistant Professor

Assistant professor; expertise in oligodendrocyte and astrocyte biology incl. genetic models of white matter diseases as well as 2-photon in vivo imaging and quantitative immunohistochemistry using confocal microscopy.


Dr. Pia Christensen

Postdoctoral scientist

Postdoctoral research associate; expertise in myelinic and axonal biology, ex vivo spectral confocal imaging followed by linear unmixing, and quantitative immunohistochemistry.



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